Love & Romance Personalized Photo Chocolate Card


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Thinking of gifting a unique gift to someone special in your life? Your search has been finished as this love & romance photo chocolate card is going to serve the purpose very well. He/she is going to love it forever and they are going to praise it for the lifetime.

What is it made of?

This chocolate card is a combination of uniquely delicious chocolates: dark and white. Dark chocolate makes the base of the card and gives it a wooden appearance. On the other hand, white chocolate stays on the top and gives a base to romantic message and picture of your lover.

The chocolate card is 100% edible as well as vegetarian.

What can you put on it?

Personalization of chocolate card is another unique feature. We give you an option of adding the picture of your beloved partner on the card. The picture is placed in a heart shaped space so as to give a romantic appearance. Other than that you can choose a romantic message which you want to write for your partner and the last one is your name which is printed at the bottom of the card.

How is it packed?

Just like the making, the packing is also done with love and care. A perfect insulation is given in a specially designed packaging box for carrying the card and preventing it from breaking and melting.

The box can then be used as a photo frame also.

How does it get delivered?

After the placement of order, the shipment occurs within two working days. You get the gift through free home delivery.

We use safest and fastest courier services like FedEx and Delivery.

The payment method is also reliable one i.e. Related instructions as on delivery.

  • The consumption of chocolate card is advised within two months.
  • In any case, you find trouble while ordering or after receiving the order. You can contact us on WhatsApp as well as on Facebook. We are 24/7 available in your service.

Additional information

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 120 × 180 mm


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